SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building

What is link building? Why is it important for my website? And what is “black hat link building” and “white hat link building”? And finally, which one should I use?

Link building is essentially the process of generating links from other websites, which link to your site. Why is this important for search engine optimization? Because although Google’s ranking algorithm, which is the way Google determines which websites to bring up first in the search results, is very complicated and has many contributing factors, one main factor is the amount of websites linking to your site. That gives Google an idea of how relevant your website actually is. A site that is linked to many times shows Google that people regard this site as important and relevant, therefore Google will rank it higher.

So, how do people go about getting other websites to link to theirs? In the past, a very effective way was a method known as black hat link building. This entails generating mass amounts of links which link to a certain site. How? By setting up websites without any quality content, whose main purpose is to link to another site. Sometimes, multiple of these websites are set up. Another black hatted method is to use online robots to send hundreds of spammy comments to other sites. These comments have nothing to do with the subject matter commented on and their sole purpose is to link back to a website.

Now, this actually used to work. However, Google got smarter, and introduced Google Panda in 2013, which recognizes these low quality links and penalizes the websites they link to, demoting them in the search rankings. Although still used today by some, primarily because it doesn’t require much effort, these days it is much more effective to use white hat link building, which entails actually writing high quality content that links to your site, then submitting this content to sites designed especially for this. For more information go to

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