On Site And Off Site SEO

On Site And Off Site Search Engine Optimization

This is very important, as this is the process of optimizing a website for Google and the other search engines, and is the crux of search engine optimization. On site optimization is the process of doing anything you can on your actual website to make sure that it will come up in the search results, and in the right search results.

This involves choosing the right keywords, for one. You have to know who exactly you are targeting, or more specifically,which terms typically typed into Google you want to target . This can be done through utilizing a sophisticated keyword tool, which tells you how many people typically search a specific search term, and how many websites are already ranked under that term, in other words, how large your competition is.

SEO The next step is to insert these keywords, in places such as the article title, in the first paragraph, in the article tags, and in the image descriptions.

Other on site optimization entails writing high quality content that is of considerable size, as well as adding relevant images. Another important thing is to constantly update your website and constantly add new content until your website is of considerable size, which will raise a website’s status in the eyes of Google.

Another important thing to keep in mind is what’s known as off site optimization.

This entails mainly getting other, high quality websites to link to yours, and as mentioned above, the correct way to do this is through the white hat method, which although much more time consuming, will produce much higher and more quality results.

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